Clash Of The Olympians (9 out of 10)

Posted: 11/21/2011 in Web-based games
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Clash of the Olympians is a revolutionary, fun and addicting game. This game is about defending the temple against the waves demons that are invading. Unlike other games out there, it allows player to choose from three main heroes, they are Heracles, Achilles and Perseus. They all equipped with different type weapons, which is very worth-replaying the game with each hero once, in order to have a completely different experiences with the game. It is also very addicting as the levels are getting more and more challenging and exciting. Trust me once you pick up this game, you will never want to put it down again!

Another characteristic of the game is the upgrade system. This time, you are able to distribute your experience point into three different aspects, they are strength, reloading speed and critical hit chance. Despite of the traditional upgrades, you are also able to have special abilities. These special abilities will also cause special effect on your enemies, such as slowing them down or setting them on fire. I found it to be very usable especially dealing with a large group of enemies running towards you.

After all, I would score this game 9 out of 10, not just because of its beautiful graphic setting and amazing gameplay experiences, but also how the upgrade system and the gameplay itself perfectly come together as one. However, I only have a little suggestion for this game is that there can be a upgrade from assistant archers or towers to help you kill the demons. It is because it is a little bit disturbing to have to kill a large number of demons at once. Anyway, I would recommend all of you to have a try with this game. I hope you enjoy reading this simple review about Clash of the Olympians.

Play it here

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