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Bloons Tower Defense 3 is also one of my favourite real-time strategy games. Although the game itself is also very simple, just only preventing the balloons to reach the end of the track, you can easily find it addicting and challenging as you try a few levels. It is because the main point of the game is about strategies. Although there are a whole bunch of units that you can choose, you can only select a few especially at the beginning of the game, where you have to use different strategies like putting spikes and glues to stop the balloons or simply build turrets and shot. Whether you love real-time strategy games or not, I am sure that you will eventually love it. So why don’t you give it a try? [more…]


Stick War is one of the best web-based real-time strategy games that I could think of. The game provide both economic and military developments for players to choose. So, you can either defend until you gain a large military force or play aggressively, it depends on you own style of gaming. Moreover, the game itself is simple. It is all about putting in miners to earn money for building your army. However, the main part of this game still remains on strategies. As the level is getting more and more challenging, you may not have enough time to develop a sustainable economy¬† to build a large army. Therefore, it is crucial to balance both economy and military, which is the best part of the game. Trust me you would not want to miss game, it won’t let you down! [more…]

Clash of the Olympians is a revolutionary, fun and addicting game. This game is about defending the temple against the waves demons that are invading. Unlike other games out there, it allows player to choose from three main heroes, they are Heracles, Achilles and Perseus. They all equipped with different type weapons, which is very worth-replaying the game with each hero once, in order to have a completely different experiences with the game. It is also very addicting as the levels are getting more and more challenging and exciting. Trust me once you pick up this game, you will never want to put it down again! [more…]

Freeway Fury 2 is a revolutionary and addicting game. It is a car-racing game, but it mainly focus on actions. There is a brief comic storyline at first, then you just “jump”! You may ask how can there are jumps in a car-racing game, it is non-sense! That’s why this game is so revolutionary. You not just can jump on the top of the cars, but also slow the time. Every time you want to jump from car to car, the time will automatically be slower for you to decide how to jump. You can gain nitro when you jump to another car, also there is a bonus nitro and score in combo of jumping. How can any other games ever compare with this one? [more…]

Infectonator : World Dominator is overall a funny and time-killing game. When you first start with the game, you are the god of the world, where you can decide who and when you want to infect to become a green ugly zombie, then you are free to sit back and watch they infect each other like crazy animals. However, the number of times that you can infect is limited, which means that you need to carefully plan your attack, in order to achieve massive destruction. And I find it is interesting not just you can see zombies crawling in the cities, but also you need strategies in this game. [more…]