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Clash of the Olympians is a revolutionary, fun and addicting game. This game is about defending the temple against the waves demons that are invading. Unlike other games out there, it allows player to choose from three main heroes, they are Heracles, Achilles and Perseus. They all equipped with different type weapons, which is very worth-replaying the game with each hero once, in order to have a completely different experiences with the game. It is also very addicting as the levels are getting more and more challenging and exciting. Trust me once you pick up this game, you will never want to put it down again! [more…]


Zombocalypse is a fun and easy-to-play game. It is all about protecting yourself from endless waves of zombie attack. This game provide a wide variety of weapons for players to choose, including a shogun, assault rifle and even riot shield. It allows player to have fantastic experiences of killing zombies with different weapons. However, these weapons drop from the sky randomly and you are not allow to change your weapon. It is really disturbing especially when you are fighting against a large group of zombies. If you are looking for some game in your lesiure time, you can give it a shot! [more…]